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Errata for Book 1: The Royal Law

  • p. 33, middle of the page with the line “Exactly.” The word “call” should be “called.”

  • p. 42, from the top, line 6. A better word for “person” is “personhood.”

  • p. 76, from the bottom, line 7: “ACLU”
    FYI: ACLU stands for “American Civil Liberties Union,” a liberal political organization whose stated intent is to defend the rights and freedoms of individuals. For more information, see www.aclu.com.

  • p. 115, the footnotes are numbered incorrectly. “(August 9, 2005. Accessed July 9, 2007)” belongs at the end of footnote 3. “Generous Giving” is footnote 4, “E.g.” is footnote 5, and “Peter” is footnote 6.

  • p. 128, mid-page: “Though these two incidents are the only occasions in the Gospels....” This statement is incorrect and should read, “These are two of the three incidents in the Gospels....”

  • p. 169, line 7: “D-dimmer”
    The correct spelling is “D-dimer.” D-dimer is a clinical blood test used to help determine the presence of deep vein thrombosis (venous blood clot, usually in the lower extremity) or pulmonary embolism (a clot or partial clot that has broken loose and lodged in the lungs). Pulmonary embolism is potentially life-threatening.

  • p. 192, mid-page: “that” should be “than” in the line, “Leaning to love biblically is infinitely harder....”

  • p. 219, opening verse, “He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life....” (The ‘h’ is missing)

  • p. 240, first paragraph of Matthew 25: 31-40, 5th line down: change “goals” to “goats.”

  • p. 253, from the bottom, line 2: “his afternoon” should be “this afternoon.”

If you discover other errors in the book, the author would appreciate notification at author@theloverevelation.com